Apple's new 6TB and 12TB iCloud Storage Plans are live

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Last week, during the iPhone announcement, Apple also announced that iCloud+ was getting a couple of new storage options – 6TB and 12TB. Unfortunately, there’s nothing between 2TB and 6TB. But those plans are now available.

You can sign up for these new plans just like you would any other iCloud+ plan. Just head into the Settings on any Apple device, tap on iCloud and then Manage Storage. You’ll notice that the pricing for the 6TB and 12TB options are linear to the other pricing. So 6TB now starts at $29.99 per month and 12TB is $59.99 per month.


Apple is saying that this storage upgrade is the “perfect compliment” to the new 48-megapixel main cameras on all four new iPhone 15’s – launching this Friday. These images can be very large, if you like to take photos in RAW. A ProRAW 48-megapixel image can be up to 75MB for a single image. So safe to say your storage will fill up quickly.

iCloud+ is a really useful subscription

On top of the extra storage, iCloud+ is a really useful subscription to have. And as someone that is invested in both Android and Apple ecosystems, I don’t use as much iCloud storage, but still have the 200GB plan. That’s because some of the iCloud+ features are worth paying $3/month.

Some of those features include Private Relay which is basically a VPN to hide your internet traffic. Or Hide my Email, HomeKit Secure Video, Custom Email Domains and so much more. It’s a lot more feature-rich than Google One, which is fairly surprising.

Apple should add some other storage options, as those that need more than 2TB of storage, likely doesn’t need 3x that much storage. Providing 2TB increments would be better: 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, etc. But with the amount of data that some iCloud users have, it’ll get put to good use.