'Massive Fight' Breaks Out in Dubai over Apple's iPhone 15

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In the Dubai Mall, a fight broke out, as many were attempting to purchase the new iPhone 15 on Friday. This year, many lined up all around the world to be one of the first to buy the new iPhone 15. And in the Dubai Mall, things got a bit heated.

According to The National, security guards had actually began erecting barriers as the crowd packed in the day before. Security also had to tell them over loudspeakers to stop surging forward. Then ended up corralling them into several zones.


As the iPhone 15 launch drew closer, many people began rushing to get in line. There’s many on social media showing customers rushing up escalators to get ahead of each other. And then tempers began to flare. Reports claim that these rushing customers began shoving each other, making some fall to the ground. And that eventually ended up in a full-on fight. As you can see from a post on X.

Crowds formed worldwide to purchase the iPhone 15 on launch day

If there was any doubt about whether or not the iPhone 15 was going to be popular, well those doubts are gone. On Friday, crowds around the world lined up to purchase the iPhone 15. Just a quick search on X (formerly Twitter), will show you that there were crowds in New York City, Chicago, and any other big city.

In fact, as someone that had to go to the Apple Store to pick up their pre-order, I saw the crowd first hand. Many were lined up to buy, or had a reservation to buy the new iPhone. Why they didn’t pre-order is a bit odd. But you can see from my post on X about that.

The iPhone is always going to sell well, since it is pretty tough to jump ship to Android, since you’re usually so invested in the ecosystem. And it looks like many had their upgrades come due this year, so they are upgrading to the 15.