Feeling the Heat: Apple's Latest iPhone 15 Raises Temperature Concerns!

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Reviews and unboxings of the new iPhone 15 started to go live today, as those that got the device early are now able to actually talk about it – other than what their impressions were from the event. And now we’re starting to get some more details on the new iPhones.

Though this little tidbit came from @Tech_Rave on X. And it’s not a good one, some might say it’s a “nasty surprise”. But the iPhone 15 can apparently reach temps as high as 48° Celsius, that’s about 118° Fahrenheit – or about as hot as a Summer day in Dallas, Texas. That’s not good. Definitely not good for battery health, and not good for the phone at all.


Basically, this comes from a thermal image of the iPhone 15 Pro (possibly Pro Max). It’s possible that the camera could be wrong, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The iPhone 14 Pro series also has some heat problems. While they don’t get quite that hot, they do still get pretty toasty, especially while wireless charging and using the phone.

Is this the next -gate for Apple?

There always seems to be some sort of -gate for Apple products. We’ve had bend-gate, antenna-gate, and many others. Though in recent years, they haven’t gotten as much as attention as those two. But I’d be willing to bet that most people will not see their iPhones get this warm. In order to hit this temperature, you’d need a sustained load of gaming, and charging – likely wireless charging.

Now, that does not mean that there is no problem here – because there is. Apple needs to figure out how to solve this, whether with a software update, or something else. Hot phones can lead to fires. Just ask Samsung about a few years ago. We should learn more about this in the coming days, especially after more people get the device in their hands on Friday.