Score Big Savings on Apple iPhone 15 Cases at Amazon Now!

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Amazon has a great sale going on right now on Official Apple cases for the iPhone 15 (as well as the iPhone 14 and 13) series. These are the first discounts we’ve seen for these cases, and considering the iPhone 15 doesn’t actually go on sale until Friday, this is pretty impressive.

Now, the prices aren’t that low, they are a few bucks cheaper than the regular price. For example, the FineWoven cases from Apple are now on sale for either $55.99 or $56.99, depending on the model and color. That’s $3 to $4 off of its regular price.


Amazon is also discounting the silicone cases, and those are on sale for $46.99, which is also $3 off. And the clear case is also available for $46.99.

Those with older iPhones, like the iPhone 13 series or the iPhone 14 series, those silicone cases are on sale too for $46.99, surprisingly, they are the same price. The leather cases are gone though, as you might have expected.

Also on sale is a couple of Apple’s USB-C chargers. Their dual-port USB-C 35W charger (which can be optioned with the MacBook Air) is on sale for $45. It’s not a bad charger, but you could definitely get a better one for that much money.

You can shop all of Apple’s official cases on sale by clicking the link below.

Apple iPhone 15 Case Sale - Amazon