FTC to slap Amazon with antitrust lawsuit next week

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The FTC is getting ready to file an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon as soon as next week Tuesday, Politico reports. Should this lawsuit end up going to trial, it would be the second case of this size against a major tech company in recent times. Google is currently in trial with the DOJ for antitrust practices after a lawsuit was filed back in January of this year.

According to the report, the FTC has been investigating Amazon for more than four years, and is ready to bring a case against it. Having spent most of the past year preparing the case after gathering evidence. But there are still no guarantees that the lawsuit will be filed right away on Tuesday. This is just the earliest possible time frame.


Whenever the lawsuit is filed, it’s also possible that some things within the lawsuit may change. Though it will be tough to know what those things are. As the details of the lawsuit have not been made public at this time.

The antitrust lawsuit from the FTC centers largely on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime isn’t the only focus of the FTC but it does appear to be a big part of complaint. The big issue with Prime, according to the FTC, is that Amazon forces merchants to use its logistics and advertising services. While also blocking lower pricing on competing retail sites.

Before the antitrust lawsuit can be filed against Amazon however, the FTC needs to rally more support. Politico notes that the agency is currently trying get more state AG to sign on. If it can manage that, then Amazon could be in for a difficult road ahead. It’s already being sued by both Washington D.C and the state of California on separate cases. And an official suit from the FTC would only compound things. Amazon is also being sued by the FTC for allegedly tricking people into signing up for Amazon Prime. A suit which was filed back in June of this year.