iOS 17 is now starting to rollout Worldwide

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It’s 10AM on Monday, the week of the new iPhone release. Which means one thing. A new version of iOS is releasing to everyone, worldwide.

That’s right, iOS 17 is rolling out starting right now, to everyone sporting an iPhone Xs/Xr and newer. You can see the complete list of supported iOS 17 devices here. The update is fairly large, coming in at about 6GB for the iPhone 14 series. So it’s going to take some time to download it and update your device.


Keep in mind that you will want to have your phone on the charger, and at least 10GB of free space available, when updating. The last thing you want is for your iPhone to run out of juice in the middle of an update and potentially brick it. And while the update is 6GB in size, you’re going to want a bit more space, so that it’s not slow to update.

What’s coming in iOS 17?

In the lead up to the announcement of iOS 17 at WWDC in June, many believed it would be a small update. But it’s actually a pretty large one. With some really useful features like StandBy, improved autocorrect, NameDrop and much more. There’s actually plenty of user-facing updates here.

This includes a much-anticipated change to widgets. They are now interactive in iOS 17. This is going to allow you to interact with them on your home screen instead of opening the app. Basically, you can now turn your lights on and off in the Home app without opening up the Home app or swiping down on Control Center. It’s all right there on your home screen. The same goes for music apps like Apple Music.

The update is rolling out now. If you’re not as excited about the update, we’d recommend waiting a few hours, for the rush to die down. Since there are over 100 million iPhones being updated today, servers are going to be running a bit slow.