Why walk when this Segway electric scooter is this cheap?

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Right now Best Buy has an awesome deal on the Segway F30 electric scooter that brings the price down by $200. The price normally sits at $649.99 but now it’s down to $449.99. And with that kind of savings walking is old news. For times when you don’t want to drive but also don’t want to walk, let Segway take you there.

That is, provided your destination is within the rage of the Segway F30. This electric scooter has a range of 18.6 miles which is pretty good. As long as you’re not trying to get somewhere beyond that range, you’ll be fine. At 18.6 miles, you can ride it about 9 miles before you would need to head back. Although you can always charge it if needed. And provided you will have a place to charge it. Then you can just juice the scooter back up as it has a charge time of 5 hours when the battery is completely drained. So if the battery is only half gone, cut that charge time in half.


The Segway F30 also has app control features to monitor ride status, and lock the scooter when needed. There’s also three riding modes. As well as a regenerative breaking system, and a front LED light so you can ensure you see in front of you if you’re riding when it’s a bit darker. Best of all is there’s a quick folding mechanism for it. That way you can fold it up fast when you get to where you’re going and carry it until you’re ready to leave. It weighs about 35 pounds so it’s not super light. But there may be times where you need to carry it if you don’t have lock to secure it.

You can snag this deal for yourself from the link below.

Segway F30 Electric Scooter - Best Buy