Nintendo now supports passkeys for account security

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If you’re a Nintendo account owner, passkeys are now a viable option for increasing account security. Details of Nintendo’s security improvement come from Perfectly Nintendo. Which notes that Nintendo added this new option back on September 20.

Why are passkeys important? Well if there was only one reason to mention it’s better security. They’re more secure than passwords and easier to deal with on the user end. Passkeys can also be resistant to phishing so there’s less of a chance that a user with one enabled encounters an account hack. And that means good things for your wallet as well as anything your account is tied to.


Since these are now available, it’s highly recommended that you set one up. And doing so is a pretty quick and painless process. It should only take you a few minutes to do and once you’re done, you’re good to go. It is worth noting however that there are some details you want to pay attention to. Only register a passkey for a device that you don’t share. Unless you’re fine with the people you share the device with getting into your Nintendo account. You can also only register up to 10 passkeys per account. So if you have a multitude of different devices, choose wisely.

Nintendo account passkeys can only be used on certain devices

Account passkeys won’t be available for access everywhere. For the time being, Nintendo says you can only use them on devices that run on Android, iOS, and Mac. For iOS devices, this includes iPhones and iPads that are running on iOS 16 or newer. Meanwhile Android devices need to be running on Android 9 or newer. And for Mac, you need to be on macOS 13 or newer. Unfortunately, this means you can’t set up passkeys or use them on Windows devices.

If you have a device that fits any of the supported platforms, you can go to Nintendo’s official account page to register a passkey. You’ll need to sign in first, then go to sign-in and security settings, then passkeys will be right at the top. Click the edit button, then select register a new passkey. From here, enter your login credentials and follow the prompts.