The Android 14 native sharing menu is coming Google Photos

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As the launch of Android 14 approaches, the Google Photos app prepares to adopt the native screen-sharing menu. This is big news considering that it will unite the entire system interface for sharing content. Currently, some core Google apps make use of their sharing menu, which is different from that on the system’s interface.

This design difference is about to come to an end as Google is making Android a bit more in sync. With this coming change, users will be familiar with just one sharing menu across the system. Not only is this a major design change that is coming to the Google Photos app, but it’ll also bring some impressive performance changes.


According to the available reports on this topic, the Android 14 sharing menu is more capable. It gives users more choices and the freedom to make changes to the selected items for sharing. This new sharing menu will become available across the Android 14 system and on all apps, hence breaking the custom sharing menus some apps use.

Google Photos app will get the Android 14 native sharing menu once available

The Google Photos app is getting ready to adapt to a new design and functionality change. This change will come with the rollout of Android 14 and will bring a new sharing menu. The sharing menu in question will be native to Android 14, and it promises to bring a ton of improvements in various areas.

Currently, the sharing menu on Android 14 pops up with a total of three sections. Up top is the contact section that lets users select the contact they wish to share the image via email or RCS messaging. In the middle section, the nearby share and create link buttons for users to pick between.

As for the last section, it shows a list of apps that users can share the image with, as well as the Bluetooth sharing option. With Android 14, this entire sharing menu will see a major change that will redefine how users share images from the Google Photos app. The new sharing menu will come with four sections that users can benefit from while sharing images.

After selecting the images to be shared, users will get a pop-up sharing menu with four sections. The first section is the preview window, where users can confirm the images selected for sharing and modify them if necessary. This modification can include adding more images to the sharing list or removing images already on the list.


Moving to the second section reveals the create link button as well as other buttons. The next section is the contact section which will bring contacts from various channels (email, social media apps, etc.). The last section is a list of apps that can be used to share the image(s) the user selects.

Already, the update bringing this Android 14 native sharing menu to the Google Photos app is available for some users. The users that currently have access to this new sharing menu are few, mainly beta testers. More users will get the update in the coming weeks as the launch of Android 14 approaches.