Snapchat+ crosses 5 million users

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Last year, Snapchat unveiled its paid subscription service called Snapchat+, and it’s proven to be a popular service. For only $3.99/month, you have access to a ton of cool and fun extra features. According to the company (via Engadget), Snapchat+ has just crossed 5 million users.

If you don’t know about Snapchat+, here’s a quick rundown. Snapchat+ serves two purposes. Firstly, it’s a platform that lets you try out new features early. The company will release new and experimental features to Snapchat+ users a few weeks before the rest of the public. Features like My AI and the desktop version of Snapchat debuted on the Plus service. After a few weeks, they make their way to free users.


Secondly, there are a ton of different exclusive features that only paying customers can use. These features include additions like a custom app icon, the Snapchat Solar System, more best friends, the ability to designate a BFF, customizable chat themes, and much more.

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Snapchat+ just crossed 5 million users

It was only a couple of months ago when Snapchat announced that it crossed 4 million users. It shows that this is one of the most popular social media subscription services. It’s much more popular than X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue). That service has north of 1 million users, and it’s been out for quite some time. As for Meta Verified, we don’t know the numbers on that platform just yet.

In any case, 5 million users is an impressive number. It’s incredibly hard to get people to pay for a service that was originally free. While the 5 million paying users are dwarfed by the 750 million combined monthly users, it’s still nothing to sneeze at.

If you’re interested in signing up for Snapchat+, you can do so in the app.