Apple wants you to install iOS 17.0.1 Right Away!

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Earlier this week, Apple rolled out iOS 17 to iPhone Xs/Xr and newer. Which is quite literally hundreds of millions of iPhones. However, now just a few days later, Apple is rolling out iOS 17.0.1, which is a very small update, but a very important update.

This small update, which actually comes in at about 279MB in size, fixes a few security exploits on the iPhone. Which makes it super important to install. Since one of these exploits has been actively used. As much as it is annoying to have to install an update on your phone, this is super important to do right away.


If you’re waiting on an iPhone 15 to arrive, this will be available out of the box, actually iOS 17.0.2 will be waiting for you. And you won’t be able to finish setup until it installs. Which is good, to make sure that everyone does update their phone. These types of updates are important, though a lot of people will just ignore them and not install them. But this is to important not to install.

Apple also released watchOS 10.0.1

In addition to iOS 17.0.1, Apple also released watchOS 10.0.1 which is another security update. And the same thing applies here. You’re going to want to update your watch with this latest update, to make sure your security isn’t at risk.

This update is a bit smaller, at about 146MB in size. Remember that the Apple Watch does need to be charging and above 50% before it can install this update. So it’s best to toss it on the charger and get it updated as soon as you can.

To get the updates for both iPhone and Apple Watch, head into Settings > General > Software Updates to grab yours. For the Apple Watch, you can do this on the watch or via the Watch app on your iPhone.