Big Savings on the MacBook Air M1 at Best Buy

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Best Buy currently has the MacBook Air M1 on sale. Allowing you to save up to $250 off of the last-generation MacBook Air. It’s still a really good computer and it’s less than what Apple is selling it for.

The MacBook Air is on sale for $749, that’s down from $999. That’s for the entry-level model with 256GB of storage inside. It also has 8GB of RAM and the M1 processor. Unfortunately, the upgraded 512GB model is not on sale at this time.


MacBook Air powered by M1 is an amazing machine. M1 is Apple’s own silicon which was built specifically for the Mac and macOS. It allows the battery life to be incredible on this laptop, lasting close to 24 hours, which is absolutely insane.

The M1 chipsets are really powerful, without using much power. I was using the M1 MacBook Pro (which is essentially the same as the MacBook Air, but it has a fan inside that never gets used), until the M1 Pro model came out last fall. And it’s been amazing. The M1 chip is so powerful that I actually moved back to using Chrome, as it’s just so fast and doesn’t bog the system down anymore.

Not to mention, the MacBook Air is super thin and light, hence the name “Air”. It weighs in at about 2.7 lbs, which is super light and great for taking with you on the go.

If you’re looking for a new laptop for work or school, then this is a great option. Even if you’re looking to start your YouTube career, this is also a great option. While it’s not perfect for editing 8K video, most people are not doing 8K video, and might not even be doing 4K video.

You can pick up both the MacBook Air by clicking here. But you’d better hurry as this likely won’t be on sale for very long.

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