How Dropping Phones is Becoming a Health Concern for Gen-Z

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Did you know that you can injure yourself from dropping your phone? Well, apparently, Gen-Z knows this all to well. According to AT&T, who commissioned a study from Recon Analytics, “more than 1 in 3 people have hurt themselves from dropping a phone”.

The most common bodily injuries have been the foot, nose and lip. Which all make sense. Many are using their phones in bed, and drop the phone on their face. And as often as we stub our toes, having a foot injury from dropping our phone also makes loads of sense.


The study also shows us that Gen-Z is the most clumsiest generation when it comes to handling their phones. Which sounds like the phone insurance companies are going to be making a lot of money with this generation. About 61% of Gen-Z have hurt themselves from dropping a phone. Versus 49% of Millennials and 29% of Gen-X and 6% of Baby Boomers.

Why are people dropping their phones and causing injuries?

Phones these days are pretty large, and especially the iPhone Pro models, are very heavy as well. With the iPhone 14 Pro Max weighing nearly half a pound. And when you drop that on your face, it’s definitely going to hurt. But of course the biggest reason is going to be because we can’t stay off of our phones. Let’s face it, we see a phone with 6 hours of screen on time, and think the battery isn’t great. Why are we spending that much time on our phones? Because we’re addicted.

With phones coming in more rugged materials now, like glass and aluminum, or titanium on the new iPhone 15 Pro, these injuries are likely to keep adding up. Maybe after dropping your phone on your face and giving yourself a bloody lip, it might be time to lay off using your phone so much.